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Pistol Mask ®

$ 85.00

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The Pistol Mask comes in the following four different models or variations (select in the drop-down above):

Black & Gray  -(see list of pistols known to fit)

All Black  -(see list of pistols known to fit)

Custom Cut Black & Gray  -fits the Glock 36 (single stack .45) - adds $15.00 to price

Custom Cut All Black  -fits the Glock 36 (single stack .45) - adds $15.00 to price

The tiered design and the dual colors help disguise the Pistol Mask, making it appear too thin to be holding a large-caliber weapon.  

The charcoal color on the front face is a popular color for smart phone cases, while the medium-shade gray rear panel blends nicely into light and medium shirt colors (your computer screen may not reflect the true colors).  

An All-Black model is also available for wearing with darker shirts (use the drop-down selector).

Currently available in right-hand model only

FIT:  The Pistol Mask will fit any pistol that is no more than 1.05" wide and 4.65" high. Below is a list of pistols that we guarantee will fit (others may fit based upon the placement of their slide lock and safety):

AMT Backup (380)(9mm)(38)(40)(45)(357)
Beretta Nano (9mm)
Colt Mustang Lite (380), Pocket Light (380)
Diamondback DB380 (380)
DoubleTap Defense Derringer (9mm)(40)(45)
Glock 43* with an extended mag (9mm), 42* (380) with an extended mag
--Glock 36 (45) (select the "Custom Cut" option -adds $15. to price)    

Heizer PKO 45 (45)
Honor Defense Honor Guard sub-compact (9mm)
Kahr PM*(9mm)(40)(45), P*(380)(9mm)(40), CM (9mm)(40), K (9mm)(40),

--Kahr MK (9mm)(40), CW (9mm)(40)
Kel Tec PF9 (9mm), P11 (9mm), P-3AT (380)
Kimber Solo (9mm)

Magnum Research Micro Desert Eagle (380)
NAA Guardian 380 (380)
Rohrbaugh R380 (380), R9 (9mm)
Ruger LCP* (380), LC9* (9mm)
SCCY CPX-1 (9mm), CPX-2* (9mm)
S&W M&P Shield*(9mm)(40),908S(9mm),Bodyguard(380),
Sigma 380M(380)
Sig Sauer P238* (380), P938* (9mm), P290* (9mm)
Springfield XD-S*w/Mid-Mag X-Tension (6rd)(9mm)(40 cal)(45 cal)

STI 1911 LS (9mm)
Taurus Slim 709* (9mm), 738 TCP (380), 708 Slim (380), 740 (40)
Walther PPS (9mm)(40), PPS-M2 (9mm)(40), PPK (380)

* We've measured these with a Crimson Trace Laser and the Armalaser TR
note: An extended mag cannot make the pistol taller than 4.65"

(Just Added- Our new Custom Cut Model is molded to fit a Glock 36)   

By purchasing your Pistol Mask, you are agreeing that you have read the above list and that you understand that these are the pistols that are certified to fit inside the Pistol Mask.

 More information is available on the Pistol Mask website: